Patience is the Key 2

Here I sit working on a revision of the sequel to The Gatherer’s Gift. I’ve set a few goals and reached a few milestones, but I’m still hard at work. One might ask how long it takes for a revision. I used to say about one to two months, but […]

Why be a Writer?

While tackling the revision of a current book I’m working on, I reflect on why on earth anyone would want to be a writer. Every first draft is crap, and even when we spend days, weeks or months on a project- rejection is still as common to writers as the […]

Dreams and Imagination 1

I wake just before dawn. I dreamed about life in the Mafia, which is why I should never watch the Godfather before bedtime. No reason to lollygag in bed. My brain is stirred from narrowly escaping being whacked. Time to get up and write. I sit in my worn out […]

Do I Have Time to Read? 6

I read five novels a month. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but on average I read five novels a month. Our library is the first room that people enter when they visit our home. New visitors usually look around the library and question whether or not I’ve read the hundreds of […]

Writing and Perception 3

A few years ago my youngest son and I were shopping at a local grocery store.  My son was bored with shopping, as usual, and hanging off the side of the cart, trying to be as annoying as possible. I turned our cart into the produce aisle and noticed my […]


Determined to Write 3

Being a writer is awesome and, for me, writing romance and paranormal romance is even more awesome. One of the best things about writing is that I can write anywhere. A few years ago I was a write-in-the-office-only purist. I would wait until work and my household chores were finished, […]

Hello world! 15

Welcome! I’m happy you came to visit my little corner of the internet!  If you’re ready for romance that has a paranormal edge and lots of heart — you’re in the right spot! Over the next few months I will continue to add to this site and you’ll learn more about what I write, […]