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I’m happy you came to visit my little corner of the internet!  If you’re ready for romance that has a paranormal edge and lots of heart — you’re in the right spot! Over the next few months I will continue to add to this site and you’ll learn more about what I write, and why I write it.

Why do I write? It’s not because I enjoy sitting hunched over my laptop hour after hour.  One of the reasons I write is because it’s fun. I enjoy soaking in the world around me, embellishing upon it, and then creating characters to live in that world. Writing is a great way to decompress- stress, emotions, opinions, fantasies- writing gets it all moving around so my spirit doesn’t get stagnant. Writing, for me, is a way to let go of things I don’t need to hold on to, form new ideas, and create interesting things that don’t exist in the regular world. I like to spark people’s imaginations and stir their emotions, so that in the end they are left with a smile.

I’m happy to have you along for the journey and look forward to this new adventure!

See you soon!









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