Determined to Write 3

Being a writer is awesome and, for me, writing romance and paranormal romance is even more awesome.

One of the best things about writing is that I can write anywhere.

A few years ago I was a write-in-the-office-only purist. I would wait until work and my household chores were finished, and then I’d send the kiddos off to bed. I would go into my office, close the door, and write. Sure, I carried a notebook around in my bag and kept pen and paper by my bed for random thoughts and epiphanies, but mostly, I wrote within the confines of my private office.

Things were going great until something inevitable crept up on me. My children became teenagers. For those of you who’ve never encountered a modern teenage boy, I will clue you in: Teenage boys (at least mine and the ones they hang out with) are boisterous and avoid going to bed at any decent hour. It was obvious that my teens, and their friends, needed a space of their own. So, I bid farewell to my office, converted it into a game/media room and maintained what parental sanity my husband and I had left. Peace of mind was retained, but, sadly, I lost my beloved writing space.

I moved a small desk into the back corner of our family room, thinking all was lost. After a few days, I was stunned at the realization that I could write just as well in my little corner as I could in my old office. Did I need the perfect set-up to write? No. I learned that a determined writer writes. It’s what we do. One more question of the universe answered.

Now, if I could only figure out how to get my family to empty their pockets before wash day. I mean really, no matter how many pockets I check, a tissue or two always sneaks by me. I’m pretty sure my kids think it’s normal to have tissue remnants stuck to their clothes.  But, I will wait for another day to ponder that issue.

For now, remember:  Be Determined! You can reach your goals that way!




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