Patience is the Key 2

Here I sit working on a revision of the sequel to The Gatherer’s Gift. I’ve set a few goals and reached a few milestones, but I’m still hard at work.

One might ask how long it takes for a revision. I used to say about one to two months, but on this project I’ve learned that sheer physics and strong will comes into play depending on the size of the novel and unforeseen circumstances.

I’ve spent four months revising this manuscript. That included time out to pay respects to a couple of family members who passed away, deal with a sibling’s illness, and to let the manuscript sit and breathe for a time before I picked it back up to work on it. I redline edited the rough, revised that, and let the manuscript percolate again for a few weeks. I don’t go about every novel this way, but sometimes unexpected obstacles pop up and things go awry. Now I’m working my way around to the finish line using a different path than I’d picked to begin with but steadily I’m making progress.

It needs another revision as of late, which leads us to why I’m currently wearing my editing hat again. I’m a bit mad at myself, but there is nothing I can do at this point but move forward.
I expect this final revision, which includes improvement to character arc and subplot changes, to take one to two months.

The novel will not be out as soon as I had hoped. That is a disappointment. What is not disappointing (but actually thrilling) is that the completed story will be much richer. If I had hurried through the revision during times of family tragedy, this would not be the case. Some have advised me to take more time before continuing on, but I believe that working out of heavy emotion is an asset rather than a hindrance.
Arnold H. Glasow said, “The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it.”

With that in mind, I shall cluck back to my revision nest and get back to work!
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