I grew up in a back woods logging town in the White Mountains of Arizona. The closest shopping and theater were about forty miles away. When you’re a kid living in the sticks, you let your imagination kick into overdrive so that you can entertain yourself. At least I did, because in my house a kid who complained of boredom was a kid who got handed more chores, and really, who wants more chores? So I spent a lot of my childhood avoiding more chores by playing with friends, both real and imaginary. Our minds would create whole worlds to gallop off to in the morning, and by the time we returned for supper my friends and I had imagined being around the entire world, or even out of it.

Winters could be isolated on the mountain. A few times a year my family would be snowed in. Electricity supply is not what it used to be (thank goodness) and many nights at our house were spent without power. My family would huddle around the fireplace to listen to my mother read stories. A harsh winter could provide the reading of a couple of good sized stories like CATCH-22 or ROOTS. This instilled a love of reading in me that I still carry with me today. By the time I was eight I was reading on my own.

Edgar Allan Poe, James Whitcomb Riley and Stan Lee were some of my favorite writers. A few years later, I graduated to reading Jane Austen, Stephen King and Dean Koontz (and yes, more Stan Lee and some Steve Ditko). The urge to write was upon me by then. My grade school teachers were concerned when I turned in works with titles like, THE BLACK DOG OF DEATH and OGGY, STABBED IN THE THORAX. Most were wondering where a preteen had gotten hold of such ideas and what in the world were her parents going to do about it? Lucky for me, mom had gone to school to be an English teacher; she loves reading and writing as expression, and set few boundaries. Our home was filled with books and very few were off limits.

By the time I reached high school, my teachers were encouraging my talent as a writer. Four years later, I was convinced that I would finish college and be published by forty. Then love struck. I put away my plans, married a sailor, and moved to San Diego.

Now I’m back in Arizona. I have a great husband and two wonderful sons. When the kids were younger my passion for writing was reduced to poetry, short stories and notebooks filled with ideas for when the time came to write novels. My kids are older now and the time has come. I’ve been seriously pursuing a career in writing since 2008.

Nowadays, my vices are writing and reading comic books. I’m addicted to both and there is no end in sight. I like to create memorable characters in extraordinary situations, but most of all I love to stir the imagination and in the end, make people smile.

Thanks for reading!